Wisdom should be cherished – celebrating our elders

One of the most exciting things to come of this experiment and my recent article in the Weston Daily is the contact I have had with people who lived during WW2. It is such an honour to form the acquaintance of such wonderful and resilient human beings. Last week I went to visit Gordon and Margaret who farmed during the war and it was so wonderful to hear the stories they had to tell and the snippets of wisdom about living off the land and doing their bit to feed the nation.

These stories hold the key to unlocking many of the nation’s health problems – they are so valuable, why are these VIPs not given elevated status in our society?

Did you know that during WW2 schools were given 2 weeks off a year to help with the harvest and pick apples? How wonderful is that and why don’t our schools offer such productive and valuable life experiences? ….I would have jumped at the chance over a week in Barclay’s bank which is what I had to endure at the age of 15.

We seem to have missed something blindingly obvious which is that we have all the knowledge and advice we need under our very eyes. We don’t need to spend millions on diets, exercise regimes, personal trainers, nutritionists, psychotherapists  ….. if we listen to the likes of Gordon and Margaret and the millions of other gurus we share the land with, we’d simply;

  • grow our own veg
  • cook from scratch
  • eat organic
  • spend lots of time outdoors (ideally in a work capacity)
  • ditch the tv
  • get to know our neighbours and give time to others
  • laugh lots and don’t take ourselves too seriously (I added that bit)


Today’s food;
Home made beans on home made gluten free toast with kale for breakfast
Leftover vegetable soup
Leftover stew with heaps of seasonal veggies yum yum!


Simple food rocks! 🙂





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