Vegetable rations hit Britain!

Yes it’s true… at least in my world it is!

I’m having real issues at the moment with the size of vegetable portions I get served when eating out – is anyone else with me here?

It’s not just a one off either it seems to have become a standard. Not that I eat out much, but when I do I seem to be taking a stand about it. I recently ate out in a restaurant in Cornwall – the food was delicious and local but the side order of vegetables I received was minuscule and expensive! (£4 to be precise!)

How can this portion be justified as £4 worth when a whole organic vegetable box only costs £8? I’ve blown up the size of the photograph so you can actually see them (please note the teaspoon on the side of the plate for scale!)

This is the time when the need for 10 a day is echoed on the wireless and yet we seem to have plummeted into some kind of vegetable recession. Even during WW2 vegetables were not rationed so what’s going on chaps?

I’d like to encourage your good selves to raise this with restaurants and demand more veg with our main courses, the sizes that are being served are not enough, even for a pint sized girl like me.

I ended up asking this particular restaurant to refill the bowl, which they of course did without charging me – can you imagine being charged £8 for that many vegetables, I think that would have given me the giggles!

Joking aside – this is a serious matter and I may start a national campaign about this so watch this space chaps! ….

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  1. I agree with you, veggies and salads are ridiculously expensive and small when you eat out. Yet, portion sizes re: meat, cheese, highly processed salt, sugar and fat laden foods are getting bigger by the day. Why not supersize the veg?

    1. I couldn’t agree more Jayne! Last week I went to a pub where the only vegetables they had were peas and even those you had to oder as a side! A veg revolution is definitely needed, I’ll keep you posted on that!

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