Turn some sorry old watercress into a delicious soup!

Since becoming a ‘Food Champion’ as part of the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign I have been inspired to really pull out the stops and minimise my wastage as much as possible. 50% of the total good wasted in this country is wasted in our homes, so we can’t blame supermarkets for everything (….just most things! 😉

I was looking in my fridge the other day and thinking it looked sparse and sorry for itself and then I gave myself the mission of turning what looked like nothing into something – cue music to Ready Steady Cook and Ainsley’s jazz hands – aw bye bye Ainsley I liked your dance moves! Ahem I digress….

Here is what I salvaged from my fridge, I mean what’s the point in it – it doesn’t look fit for human consumption and I may as well bin it – right?

raw ingredients

WRONG!! I could have missed out on this delicious watercress soup if I’d listened to you! Can you believe the ingredients above made the equivalent of 2 of those fresh supermarket soups, so I saved myself a few pounds in the process!

end soup

…and it only took about 20 minutes to make.

I just chopped up the garlic and onion and celery, fried them in some butter, added the watercress and some veggie stock to cover and hey presto watercress soup extraordinaire! I must confess I didn’t make the rosemary focaccia but it was leftover so it counts!

I shall be back soon for more waste not want not top tips, in the meantime why not see what you can conjure up from those neglected old bits in the back of the fridge (please don’t give yourself food poisoning though!)




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