This week on the land….

Today at Hinton Harvest Dawn and I weeded out the fat hen type weed from amongst the lettuces and whilst doing so saw 2 slow worms which were beautiful (I forgot to take a picture so you’ll just have to take my word for it!)

We then prepared the ground for planting some Mizuna lettuces. Dawn preps the soil by putting a layer of well rotted compost over the area and covers it for a few months. When you take the sheeting off the ground is almost completely void of weeds other than some stubborn couch grass which is relatively easy to get rid of in this state. This is a great way of ensuring your ground is weed free without the effort of turning it – it gets my vote and I’ll be doing this in my own garden later on.

The garden guru Charles Dowding is big on ‘no dig gardening’. I’ve seen him speak and he’s a very inspiring chap – it’s worth checking out his website and resources here


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