The Laces in My Boots

You’re compassion, beauty, love and light
You’re the star in my dark night
You’re the laces in my boots
You’re the place I spread my roots
You’re the flower in my hair
You’re the other in my pair
You’re water tumbling over rocks
You’re the darning in my socks
You’re heather on the Lakeland fells
You’re the medicine in my spells
You’re the one I like to phone
When I’m in love or feel alone
Like the sea, the sky the air
You’re ever present, always there

But now you’re spread you’re wings and flown
And we are islands all alone
You’re the wings that helped me fly
And you’re the pain in this goodbye

So how on earth do we go on?
Your friends, your family, daughter son
Now you’re in your place of rest
We need to do our very best
To take you forth in all we do
To find a way to carry you

And so you see it’s not the end
Of my dear mother and best friend
Through love and light, I’ll do my bit
To keep your flame forever lit

Happy Birthday Mummy, I love you and miss you so much x

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  1. What powerful beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing them so publicly.
    I find that, having determined to turn the ‘missing’ feeling into meaningful action, I can be very motivated. You wrote a similar determination beautifully. And yet, that feeling when reaching for the phone still stays…

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