Where does your food come from kids?

A farm is the correct answer.

That’s something that looks like this:

or this

and not this

I was sent the below article at the weekend and it upset me. I met 2 children at the weekend who had been on one of these tours and I asked them what they thought – they said it was confusing and not what they expected. It was basically a tour around Tescos showing you all the different aspects of the food you can buy in the store.

…and we wonder why when asked the question “where does chicken come from” many kids now reply ‘the supermarket’. This is a missed opportunity for information and education about the food we eat and I think the supermarkets could be doing more around food provenance.

A recent survey was carried out by BNF (The British Nutrition Foundation) amongst 27,500 5 to 16 year olds. The data reported back a great deal of confusion amongst children about where their food came from. Around a third of UK primary school children thought cheese comes from plants and that fish fingers were made from chicken. This is shocking stuff and proof that more education and involvement is needed in order to engage and connect kids with the food they eat.

You can find out more here:

Bring back the Ministry of Food I say!

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