Talking of nostalgia – liver and bacon yum!

Following on from yesterday’s theme of food and memories, it appears to have become a weekend of nostalgia for me because today I really fancied making a liver casserole (probably something to do with the somewhat Autumnal weather we’re currently experiencing).

I love liver, it’s such an under-rated food and so incredibly nutritious; full of iron B vitamins and protein. It’s also incredibly cheap and a great one to feed the family.

It reminds me of school dinners which contrary to popular opinion, I really enjoyed and feel very fortunate to have been of the era when they were an integral part of the schooling system (as were cookery lessons but don’t get me started on that!) – bring it all back Britain!

I like using my slow cooker for liver because the onions and bacon make a delicious sauce that really brings out the flavour, it’s super easy:

Liver (I used Coombe Farm organic lambs liver)
1 onion
2 cloved garlic
2 rashers of bacon chopped
About a glass of red wine
Stock (I used 4 frozen home made chicken stock cubes from frozen)
Enough water to cover

Fry off the onions and garlic for a few minutes and add to slow cooker
Fry the bacon and liver until seared then also add to the slow cooker
Put on low for about 5 hours
Best served with mash and greens – I had runner beans and kale

The perfect dish for a rainy Saturday – enjoy!

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