It’s spring and it’s good to be alive!

I’ve recently moved to South Somerset and it’s the best time of year to have new adventures and explore my new surroundings.

Nature really is coming into her own this time of year and so many delights can be found in the hedgerows such as nettles, wild garlic, meadowsweet, cleavers and ground ivy all of which I have been harvesting and drying for teas and tonics. (tips on that to follow) The flowers are absolutely beautiful too. I urge anyone who is feeling a bit low (and even those who aren’t) to get out in the countryside now and let mother nature give you a gigantic hug, I guarantee you won’t feel sad for long and if that doesn’t work try skipping through it – you simply can’t do that with a straight face!

On Sunday my dear friend Cathy and I went on an adventure in the local vicinity and got very lost I might add – map reading has never been my strength and clearly it’s not Cathy’s either!

We did lots of skipping though so who cares!



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