Self Love, Food and Grieving

As you know self love and emotional processing is something I am very passionate about. During times of grief and loss the first things we may feel like reaching for are foods we like to label as ‘comfort foods’.

It’s ironic that many of these foods tend to exacerbate the issue and make us feel worse. Foods I’m referring to are;

Potentially also gluten and dairy

When we are grieving or going through some kind of loss in life we may feel all kinds of emotions rise to the surface, some of which feel scary and even threatening; anger, loneliness, despair, helplessness, depression to name a few.

The common way to deal with these emotions is to either numb them out with alcohol or quick hit foods like sugar or bury them and force ourselves into a place of moving on or being positive. Whilst it may feel like this is the path of least resistance, buried emotions will only rise back to the surface at a later date or keep you locked into the numbing out process.

Foods such as sugar, caffeine and alcohol are stimulants which means they trigger the nervous system into overdrive rather than calming and grounding it. It may feel good when you get the initial rush from consuming these but your body will thank you for reaching for more wholesome alternatives.

When the body is under physical and emotional stress it is beneficial to nourish it with foods that are grounding and stabilising – fresh vegetables, fruit, organic fish and meat, plenty of water and calming herbal teas such as camomile, rose, mint and fennel.

It’s a time when we need to pool all our resources into emotional healing and to enable the nervous and immune systems to function to the best of their capacity.

Lots of rest and sleep is also important for self care during this time, as is light exercise and getting out in nature.

I will be posting some versions of my kind of comfort foods over the next few weeks.

Take care and be kind to yourself my friend x

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