Runner beans and poached eggs – you’re with me Granny!

Isn’t it wonderful how some dishes can instantly take us back to days gone by and trigger memories of growing up? Food is so much more than sustenance.

One of my fond food memories is the summer dish of runner beans and poached eggs with buttered toast. The beans were always freshly picked from Grandpa’s garden and Granny would cook them in a little boiling water whilst poaching the eggs in her old fashioned egg poacher – do you remember those little aluminium trays you put in a pan? Obviously not ideal in terms of heavy metals but hey my dear Granny lived to be 96!

Yesterday I was given some runner beans by an elderly lady whilst in Chipping Sodbury and it felt fitting that I use them in this way today.

So here I am eating a yummy, nutritious meal of a Friday evening and thinking of you my dear Granny. You are right here with me in this moment and I’m so very grateful of all the wonderful cookery tips you gave me – your legacy lives on and my heart is full of love x


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