Remembering the Land Girls

Good morning all

Although the objective of my month on rations is to use this approach to eating to convey a message of health and balance, it is also important to acknowledge its roots, as it has been developed from the civilian diet of the Second World War years. It seems fitting therefore to commence the month on the day we remember the lives lost during that time. I am not a supporter of war and I find it a very sad occasion to mark, especially when it is not just a past event, but something we are continuing to lose lives to in other parts of the world on a daily basis.

I would like to look at it with more of a positive light as tribute to and celebration of the lives of the women and men who kept the country going during those challenging times and who, in my opinion have not been given the recognition they truly deserve for their incredible efforts.

In 2007 DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) formally acknowledged the efforts of the women in the Land Army and surviving members were awarded a commemorative badge in 2008. However their services have still not been fully appreciated to the extent of the others who ‘played their part’ during WW2. Lady Denman, honorary Director of the Women’s Land Army during the war years resigned soon after the war as a stand against the government’s refusal to include the Land Army in post war benefits and privileges.

Women and men of the land – you kept the country alive and well. We have so much to thank you for and so much to learn from you. You are remembered, honoured and acknowledged for all your hard work. Thank you.Womens Land Army

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