Ration day 28 – taking stock of it all

Last night I came home from a long and cold day in the shop and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have a homecoming meal waiting for me – it really did out a smile on my face. Martin made a stew out of the rabbit we bought from Louis of Marshfield Farm and it was utterly delicious! Why don’t we eat rabbit more?! There are plenty of them around, it’s delicious and it’s so cheap! There was so much meat we have leftovers for a couple of meals on top – seriously, try it, it’s amazing!

Rabbit stew

Martin had casseroled it with some root veg and white wine (small bottle – this weeks blackmarket!) and had made a celeriac and cauliflower mash to go with it – yum yum!

On that note I would like to say a big thank you to Martin, who has not only joined me on my journey over the last month but has also been very supportive and has been subjected to all sorts –  from some ww2 food disasters to my food induced mood swings and restriction frustrations! It’s been a really challenging month for us – we’ve moved into new lodgings together for the first time and I underestimated how much extra stress putting dietary restrictions on myself would put on my general state of wellbeing. Food really does bring me a great deal of joy, not to mention health benefits….. and my life really does revolve around it! That aside it has been a giggle and we’ve both learnt lots about ourselves, as well as the 1940’s!


I can’t believe a month has nearly passed! It’s been an enlightening time and I have learnt so much about myself, both in terms of how food affects me, how much I appreciate it, and how big a part in my life it is!

People keep asking me what I have missed and for some reason I keep answering sweet potatoes! I think generally it’s the freedom to eat a varied diet, to experiment with food and not to feel confined by what I eat. It has really highlighted the amazing array of food we have around us now and how much I / we take for granted.

I have developed utmost respect for the people who lived during the 1940’s, where the attitude towards ‘making do’ really did highlight human strength and resilience. My hat goes off to you all.

It is amazing how set in our ways we get and there is a lot to be said for the psychology behind the eating. We are in times of plenty which seem to do more to encourage gluttony than a frugal approach – just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean we need it! There are many things I haven’t been doing in terms of saving food / making food last and working to a budget. I will certainly continue to incorporate some of the valuable nuggets of knowledge I have gained over the last month such as;

Eating what I already have and using my freezer more wisely!

Basing my food intake around the budget I have to work with, rather than the one the food industry tells me I have! – it’s very easy to get sucked in!

Being creative with what is already around me – it’s amazing how much stuff out there is free / super cheap and super nutritious!

Being mindful of the money spent on ‘black market goods’ such as chocolate, wine and coffee – these are all foods we should be eating in moderation and it’s a great way of limiting them, appreciating them in small quantities and really savouring them!

Eating certain foods in moderation is a sensible approach, but restriction should be exercised with caution, especially if it involves denying ourselves of the foods bring us health and joy. Have a little bit of what you fancy and a lot of the health-enhancing stuff!

We really are what we eat – it’s been interesting to note my negative response to certain foods – namely dairy and gluten. I think people underestimate the impact some foods have on them. We can always feel and be better than we are, simply by making a few dietary changes – the proof really is in the pudding!

One day to go – more on costings and eating organic soon – toodlepip ole fruits! x

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