Ration Day 26 – a picture of health, the proof isn’t in the pudding!

Today I went to have an over 40’s health check up now offered by the NHS. I have put it off mainly because I’ve moved house so many times my post hasn’t kept up with me, but also because I thought it would be a token thing and not much more than a measurement of height and weight. I was wrong – it was really worth while and I must say I was impressed that the NHS are taking measures around disease prevention – good on you NHS!

Not only that but you may like to know that my readings were about as healthy as anyone could get so I am now able to prove to you that the key to good health really IS linked to what you eat (at least a major part of it anyway).

Here are my readings:

  • Blood pressure 123/81 (optimum = 120/80)
  • Serum Cholesterol 4.97mmol/L (optimum = 3.9-5.69 in the naturopathic world)
  • HDL cholesterol 2.1  ( optimum = more than 1.42 in the naturopathic world)
  • Pulse rate 56 beats per minute
  • BMI 19.9 (ideal BMI 18.4 – 24.9)

Note 1: please do not rely on BMI readings for total accuracy – it is a general tool for weight and actually the one we tend to use in practice is the waist to hip ratio reading, as this tells us much more about the risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

Note 2 on cholesterol: we now know that the dietary fat you eat has no impact on cholesterol levels and the ‘diet heart hypothesis’ has now been proven to be founded on rocky data. Please do not panic if you receive a high cholesterol reading – speak to an expert in the nutrition field who will be able to guide you.

I eat a diet high in fat and as you can see my cholesterol reading is about as good as it gets – we need fat! If you squeeze out all the water in your brain (please don’t try it) 60% of what you are left with is fat, your cell membranes are made up of fat, your hormones are made up of fat – you will die if you don’t have fat! I eat the kind of fat found in nature – saturated fat in organic, grass fed animals / polyunsaturated fat in oily fish, nuts and seeds and cold pressed oils. If you consume stuff found in nature you will be barking up the  tree of health, if you go for fats found in cakes, crisps, pastries, heated polyunsaturated fats and margarines or if you go for a ‘low fat diet’ your body will not thank you for it.

I am so pleased that I went for this check up at this point in time as it proves that I am eating the right things and giving my body a good chance of staying healthy and fit for a long time yet. I do also exercise for around 3 hours a week too, so of course that is a huge part of it.

My Granny’s 93 and she looks like this, so that helps too :-)….


We shouldn’t however put too much emphasis on genetics as predictors of disease, we often use them as predictors of our fate, but here’s a thing – your genes have on and off switches and YOU can control your fate by doing everything you can to keep them switched to off – health is in YOUR hands and you have the power to take control of it, that’s the good news.

Porridge for breakfast
Leftover kedgeree for lunch
Chicken thighs and heaps of veg for dinner

chicken dinner

There’s naw’t wrong with meat and 6 veg my friends (3 doesn’t cut the mustard)




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