Ration Day 25 – markets are super! Who needs supermarkets?!

I have not set foot in a single supermarket for one month – whoohooooo! (I feel quite smug about that 🙂 I have not only managed to avoid the stressful experience of the harsh lighting, the walls of mock foods and the stressed out shoppers, I have also managed to save money in the process – hurrah!

In the 40’s and 50’s people used to walk to the food shops, they got to know their providers and had close connections with them. I love that stuff! Today I walked to St Nicholas Market and bought a rabbit, some fish and some local seasonal veg like some yummy kale. I was caught in some very amusing banter with Louis from Marshfield Organic Farm, who was telling me all about the rabbit I bought including it’s gender and age – why did he know that? ….because he had  shot it himself the day before (I’m very sorry to all vegans and vegetarians out there)

It was a joy to chat with such a live wire of a character who knew so much about his produce and had me in stitches with his Somerset humour! I came away feeling like I had made a trip to his actual farm. Is this not part of the experience we all lack nowadays? Don’t get me wrong, I know we have time constraints, but seriously, honestly how DO we spend our time? I don’t have a television and I can’t imagine when on earth I would watch it, but that’s because I like to cook, talk, see friends, read and maybe have the odd smooch with my boyfriend of an evening 😉 life is a romance / drama / comedy / documentary all rolled into one… who needs to switch on the box for entertainment?! Of course they didn’t have tv’s in those days either (there she goes saddling up the high horse again) But seriously there was a time when mobile phones, computers and TV’s didn’t exist and we got by….we created our fun. Bring back kids playing on the streets, games of conkers, listening to the wireless, charades, cooking! … ok ok I’ll get back in my Tardis!

Anyway back to food – I shall tell you more about the rabbit stew when we’ve got round to cooking it – I think that will be on Friday…..

chicken soup

Today was a fish day – I had pilchards and greens for breakfast, leftover chicken soup for lunch and homemade kedgeree with a difference (the difference being I added some seasonal squash and leeks) I used most of our egg ration as I haven’t used any this week. By the way the yellow stuff on the kale is yellow beetroot not cheese before you all start shouting at me!


….and I’ve just made a gluten free version of some WW2 ginger biscuits from the Daily Telegraph Home cook ‘Good Eating – suggestions for wartime dishes’ they took 20 minutes to make – do you feel the love? …actually they taste a bit dry but they look nice! I suggest if you do the gluten free version you have them with some fruit or yoghurt or something.

heart biscuits


6oz flour (I used gluten free)
2 tablespoons golden syrup 3oz butter
1 teaspoon ground ginger
The recipe also says 1 tablespoon of sugar but I really don’t think you need that and golden syrup

Warm margarine and golden syrup. Add dry ingredients, mix well to stiff dough. Roll out and cut into circles with a pastry cutter. Warning: gluten free flour is very annoying and breaks up a lot! I just rolled it without turing and lifted circles off with a fish slice


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