Ration day 19 – the future looks bright!

you’re not going to believe this, but yesterday I opened my front door and everything suddenly seemed different – there were the most wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen and when I walked through the hall I was greeted by Martin and Tamsin who were both wearing very strange clothes, the fashions were definitely not of my time. In place of the wireless was a small box playing music I had never heard and in place of the Aga was a peculiar silver box I was told was the oven. More lovely people in futuristic attire arrived and a feast was set out consisting of a yellowish substance I was told was called ‘hummus’ with carrots and celery (I think they were the only foods I could identify), a delicious spicy sausage and bean dish was revealed – my how my tastebuds sung! It was followed by a rather indulgent chocolate desert that made me smile from ear to ear. Well I tell you, I was beside myself, when I awoke this morning everything was exactly as it was before and things were back to normal……

Ok so the truth was that my flatmate Tamsin cooked Martin and I and some lovely friends of hers a wonderful meal last night. It’s the first time I have strayed from my experiment, aside form the permitted black market luxury items. Well people must have entertained during ww2 and it would be awfully rude to make demands on the chef don’t you think?!

I really did appreciate every mouthful, the flavours, the spices, it was like an awakening of the taste buds! Not that the food I have been eating has been awful at all, much of it has been wholesome and homecoming, but I haven’t really ventured far from the simple dishes, give or take the odd ww2 curry. It really did make me appreciate how much I love food and how lucky we are to live in an age where food is in abundance and flavours are as vast as the countries they come from. Each meal can be an adventure in its own right if we choose.

It makes me  sad that so many people eat microwave meals in from of the telly these days. Food is a means of communication, it’s so much more than just sustenance, it’s the stuff around which relationships are formed, it conveys emotion, it is an exchange of love, it says I care about you enough to nourish you. The foods we choose are often directly linked to how we feel about ourselves and others – this could be nurturing love and compassion, or self harm. One of the reasons diets just don’t work is because they communicate directly with our egos, not our hearts – they tell us that we should be thinner, stronger, more attractive. In my opinion the only route to health is through self -acceptance, love and compassion – this is how transformation occurs and food is a medium through which to express it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need to go to chef school, you just need some basic utensils, a few ingredients and a whole heap of love 🙂

I definitely felt the love last night – thank you so much Tamsin x

Now, where the Tardis will take me next?…….






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