Rain and shine on the allotment today!

Today I thought I’d nip down to Judy’s allotment to get on top of the weeding. The allotment looked a bit like a jungle when I got there – why do weeds grow so fast?!

I had a good session of grafting this morning tidying up a bit and checking on the chard seeds and kale seedlings I planted 10 days ago all of which are doing very well.

….and then the rain came, one minute I was standing basking in the sunshine and the next is was as if someone had thrown a bucket of water over me!

Oh dear drowned rat alert!

I feel very proud of my seedlings and I’m hoping they will sustain the erratic weather patterns in time for Judy to return from her holiday.

Any of you who say you are not green fingered well believe me neither am I – it’s all a learning curve. I think gardening is a trial and error experiment. I don’t have the foggiest about the technical aspects of gardening, I generally just plant stuff and trust that mother nature will work her magic. That said the great thing about allotments is there is always someone with knowledge close by who is happy to offer help and advice, we have the 2 Johns in Hinton! I think it’s just about having a go and even if you don’t produce the best of harvests you are out in nature, getting fit and connecting with the land.

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