Posting Letters to the Moon

What a delightful title for a talk featuring letters written between actress Celia Johnson and her husband Peter Fleming during WW2.

I’m in the Lake District on holiday at the moment and my friend sent me details about this event that would have any vintage loving girl jumping for glee!

These heart warming and often humorous letters were read by Celia’s own daughter Lucy Fleming and husband Simon Williams both of whom star in The Archers.

What really came across in the letters was how, despite the frightfully posh tone in which they were written, people really did get along and muck in during this period of austerity which involved limited luxury, even for the rich and famous.

Beautifully and tenderly read, the evening was rounded off with a showing of one of my favourite movies ‘Brief Encounter’ which starred Celia herself.

It was so nice to be reminded that, underneath it all, we are all just human beings wanting the same things in life.

Unrequited love – a vintage tear jerker and one of my favourite films…

Separated at birth …. well if you squint your eyes and jump around a bit you might get the similarity 🙂


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