An Ode to The Oak Tree

An Ode to The Oak Tree

Oh mighty oak, you’re no bloke, but a true English gent
You have for many centuries your wisdom to us lent
You’re our national deity, majestic, grand and wise
You grow to over 100 feet, now that’s a fair old size!

You’re native to our English land, in Latin Quercus Rober
I love the ochre of your leaves around the month October
You may extend two centuries and live a ripe old age
You’ve starred in rhymes and story books, you’re on the written page

In history you’re heralded with gods of Greeks and Celts
Your bark was used in practices like tanning leather pelts
Many a leafy crown were worn upon majestic heads
In Cromwell’s days twas common to be under oak trees wed

Acorns are abundant but four decades you must be
To produce these tiny little seeds that grow into a tree
It really does amaze me how something very small
Can transform into a mighty tree that soars above them all

And when you are mature of age your wood you kindly give
You build our homes and tables and enhance the way we live
We carve and turn and sand you into fine things for our home
And I would always choose you over brick or rock or stone

You’re by far my very favourite, you’re the one I like to see
When I need some sound advice, or just to hug a tree
You feed the animals with acorns and keep us warm with logs
You provide us with some shelter when it’s raining cats and dogs

Tis true we like to talk about, the weather in this land
And you are no acceptation for predicting what’s at hand
So with this in mind I’d like to share, with you a little ditty
The Irish like to sing us when the weather’s looking sh-pretty!

If the oak before the ash,
Then we’ll only have a splash.
If the ash before the oak,
Then we’ll surely have a soak!

So if we were to ask you, oak tree wise and fair
What wisdom can we take with us, what lesson will you share?
With all your years observing every year and month and day
I think I’d like to take a guess that this is what you’d say;

“I started with a little seed so small upon the earth
And now I am a mighty tree, yes from it I was birthed
I’m proof that if you just have faith and patience in your heart
The greatest things will happen, all you have to do is start”

By Clare Millar

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