Meeting with the Somerset foodie movers and shakers!

Yesterday turned out to be a really inspiring day of meeting fellow food producers and fuelling the fire we all have lit in our bellies around food production, farming and (most importantly for me) eating!

I first met Roger and Phil from Somerset Food Direct who I am very keen to promote the work of.  Why? Because they provide consumers throughout Somerset with fresh and predominantly sustainably produced food – direct from farm to fork. They take the hassle out of shopping by delivering direct to your doorstep. What could be better? Click here for more info

After the meeting we went in convoy to a gathering at Glebe Farm near Langport for a meeting organised by the Wells Food Network hosted by Rob and Lizzie Walrond at Pitney Farm near Langport

The evening started with a tour of the farm by Rob and Adam which was inspiring, encouraging and taste bud tantalising! Their organic farm is the home of pigs, chickens and numerous vegetables and fruits grown with care, produced with passion… and it shows – we later feasted on some of the produce which was delicious!

Pitney farm has its own farm shop and soon to open a cafe so well worth a visit if you are in the Langport / Glastonbury area. More details here

After dinner Stewart from Wells Food Network organised us into groups to discuss challenges and obstacles ‘in the field’ of sustainability over the next 3 years. It was great to meet folk with a variety of interest and opinion in the world of sustainability from farming to education and the public sector.

Wells Food Network are made up of a combination of movers and shakers with invested interest in food across the Somerset region. More on them here

I’d like to thank them for organising such a wonderful event and to Rob and Lizzie for sharing their farm and produce with us. It really was a delightful evening and so encouraging to see so many people sharing their passion for a more sustainable future and spreading the love across the region.

It would be great if we can find ways of filtering this energy and information out to folk and creating spaces where they can experience it all for themselves. I believe once you are engulfed in the love and care you receive when experiencing food in this way, it becomes harder to turn back to the stark, cold aisles of mass consumerism to supply our sustenance.

All food for thought, the future looks bright ….

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