Make Your Own Oat Yoghurt (coz you’re not having mine! :-)

I recently discovered this amazing home fermented oat yoghurt and have been addicted aver since! It’s delicious and is like live yoghurt in that it ferments so it’s good for your gut biology too – you know how I love those gut bacteria!

And tt’s so easy to make!:

1 cup oat groats
1 cup oats
filtered water to cover

Put the oats and oat groats in a glass bowl
Cover with water with about a cm to spare
Cover with a tea towel and leave overnight
In the morning whizz the mixture up in a blender and put back into the bowl
You can add a bit more water if it seems much thicker than a yoghurt consistency
Cover again and leave – stirring it every 8 hours or so
Leave for up to 3 days until it has the desired flavour, it will start going more sour
I leave mine for 2 days normally, you may need to add more water if it’s looking too thick, it should have a similar consistency to yoghurt

Note: Don’t use metal utensils or bowls because they will have a negative impact on the good bacteria that are forming in the yoghurt

You can add fruit and blend it again and / or serve with nuts, seeds and fruit – yummy!

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  1. Dear Clare,

    I’m giving this a go but I’m puzzled by the phrase “blend the mixture together”. Do you mean that it needs to be blitzed in a food processor to make a thick paste? Or is there another meaning – just mixing it with a spoon, perhaps?



    1. Hi Nick apologies I didn’t make that very clear did I? I do mean whizz it up in a blender – I use my Nutri Bullet
      Did you have a go making it?

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