How to make the perfect Omelette

Now I know a tradesman shouldn’t blame his tools but when it comes to making the perfect omelette I think the tools are perhaps the most important thing. Here are the top tips I have for ensuring your omelette hits the spot:

  1. My Mum always told me that whisking the eggs are essential to make your omelette light and fluffy and as usual she’s right!
  2. A good heavy base pan is the best kind to use – I have a 10″ cast iron pan which I think is one of the best pieces of kitchen equipment I’ve invested in. I got mine from Ronnie Sunshines which is amazingly good value (be prepared for an interesting experience if you pay them a visit – it’s not your typical cookware shop!)
  3. A stainless steel spatula is the best type to use with this pan as it will easily flip the omelette over without breaking it
  4. Lots of butter!

Today’s omelette ingredients came from Hinton Harvest where I spent the morning helping out on the land. Dawn very kindly gave me some of her eggs and chard.

Best served with ketchup and home made sauerkraut – yum!

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