Lending a hand on the land – a morning at Hinton Harvest

I’ve recently moved to a picturesque village in Somerset and I’m really enjoying getting to know the area and the locals. Last week I paid a visit to my local farm owned by Dawn and Matt who live on their own slice of off grid heaven, suppling the surrounding areas with salad leaves, veg boxes and chicken. You can find out more about Hinton Harvest here.

Dawn showed me round. They have lived there for 7 years and done a very good job of working in harmony with nature to grow their own produce. They have recently had a delivery of turkey chicks who are getting settled in nicely and noisily!

Having worked outside when I lived in NZ I really miss that kind of connection with nature and the land. I now lead a more sedentary lifestyle and drive a lot with my job so my body isn’t getting anywhere near enough movement in the average day and I’m not feeling as fit as I have done. I asked Dawn if she would like a hand on the land a morning a week in return for a few veggies here and there and some of Dawn’s expert advice about my garden. She agreed so my inner land girl was very happy!

Dawn dropped by this morning to give be a bit of advice about my garden and I later joined her to help de-weed and prepare part of their veggie patch for courgettes with the help of their fun ball of fur by the name of Boo Boo who helped us dig the holes

Dawn kindly gave me some eggs and chard to make an omelette for lunch the recipe of which you can find here. They are also donating some produce to the barbecue I am having on Saturday (weather pending) which is great! Skill swapping and volunteering in this way is such a good way of getting contact with nature as well as contributions for your larder.

It felt great to have accomplished something this morning and to have connected with nature and made a new friend close to home. I’m really looking forward to going back next week. I will keep you posted on my land girl experiences here – more soon!

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