Keeeeep dancing… it’s so good for you!

…. as they say on that well known show ont’ elly.

I’ve had the most wonderful few days of swing dancing and I’ve caught the fever!

On Saturday night I went to the Swingtime Rendezvous in Honiton with my friend Jackie. It was organised by the Upottery Airfield Heritage Trust, we managed to weave our way into a wonderfully warm and welcoming bunch of dancers who took us under their wing and danced the night away with us – it was so much fun!

That’s me on the right doing the Hokey Cokey!

On the way home Jackie and I were talking about how wonderful dancing is for your health on so many levels; physically – because you are exercising and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, psychologically because you are focusing and expanding yourself by learning a new skill and also spiritually because there is something about it that connects us directly to source and opens the heart. If you are single like me, it’s also a wonderful way of connecting as we don’t often get physical with strangers (being frightfully British n’ all that!)

I think this article from the Huffington Post sets out the benefits of dance very nicely.

A big shout out goes to Alan, Gail, Maria Margarita, Jarl, Richard, Malcolm, Tracey and the rest of the crew – it was so lovely meeting you all thank you for igniting a flame that will not be going out in a hurry!

On Monday night I went to a swing dance class I had organised in my village and there was a great turn out! It was so wonderful to see folk of all ages enjoying the power of dance. Thanks to Ian and Jane of Lyme Bay Lindy for teaching and all the folk who came along. There’s another class next Monday if you fancy joining us?!

Go on you know you want to!



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