Reduce your waste and not your bank balance!

I’ve just been taking stock of the week’s proceedings and I just thought I’d share the following with you;

Here is what I’ve spent on food since Sunday when I made the chicken;

£5.64 Chicken
£2.69 mackerel
£2.50 sourdough
£1.90 eggs
£2 sage and onion stuffing (I used half)
£6 vegetables

So by focusing on reducing my food waste I spent £20.73 on a total of 15 meals – impressive hey?

I saved money by;

  • Growing my own vegetables e.g. the carrot and parsnip soup
  • Making more meals out of the last one I’d made
  • Not buying any more food, even when my fridge started looking a bit sparse
  • Being really mindful of portion size and what I’m going to make the next day


If you find the whole food wastage thing a frightful bore, then you’re probably motivated by finances at least – well my friend think of the money you can save!

As I mentioned in my newsletter today, I’ve done such a great job of saving my pennies, I’m off for a spa with my friend Jackie tomorrow – now that’s what I call a good incentive!


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