Hydration in Times of Stress With Linseed Tea

Linseed tea is a wonderful way of supporting your digestive health, it’s very gentle on the gut and is an excellent source of hydration. I have found in times of stress I often feel thirsty or dehydrated even though I am drinking lots of water – why is that?

If you are feeling stressed or anxious your body goes into fight or flight which means it eliminates any waste products much more quickly than usual because it thinks it needs to take off at full throttle. If you drink large amounts of water at a time it tends to flush through your system, so it’s more beneficial to sip small amounts throughout the day particularly when in times of stress.

This tea has also been found to help with anxiety according to my fabulous friend Shumbi who owns a health food shop.

Here is the recipe for linseed tea hydration elixir!
I litre filteres water
2 tablespoons of linseeds (otherwise known as flaxseeds)

Put the water and linseeds in a pan and bring to the boil
Turn the heat right done to barely a simmer and leave on the heat for 30 minutes or so
Sieve the linseed liquid into a kilner jar or jug to store in the fridge – this is best done whilst the liquid is warm before it starts turning gloopy!

How to Drink It
You can sip at it throughout the day just dilute a third linseed tea in 2 thirds boiling water to make it palatable (it can be a bit slimy if you have it too concentrated)

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