Hurray! My Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship starts today!

I’m very excited today I’m starting a Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship with the wonderful Seed Sistas at Sensory Solutions down in Dorset. It’s something I’ve been wanting to study for quite some time and my inner Witch has finally had her say and here I am packing my stuff to get ready for my residential weekend immersed in nature and herbs – very exciting!

I’m hoping to incorporate what I learn into my blog and share tips along the way. Foraging and using medicinal plants around us is something we have done since the beginning of time, but has fallen down the wayside a little along with many of our other inherent skills and instincts.

Here are my teachers Karen, Belle and Fiona …

Something tells me we’re going to get along very well!

I hope to share more with you soon

Toodle Pip! x

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