Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice and may all beings have peace in your souls and love in your hearts today and over the year ahead ….

That was the message coming from Challice Well in Glastonbury today as I joined in the Winter Solstice celebrations with fellow open hearted citizens. It was utterly magical.

There was a meditation at the well head at midday during which time I lit a candle for Mum, followed by a lighting of the fire to the sound of our song, it was colourful, mystical, magical and exactly what I needed. I am not Christian so Christmas doesn’t really hold significance for me and this year, even less so. It felt perfect for me to go to the Well today and dip my toe in the waters of sacred ceremony.

I love Glastonbury for all it’s colours and shapes and weird and wonderful. It is the perfect university to attend for anyone wanting to learn the ways of self expression and being comfortable in your skin and it’s the best place ever for people watching!

Thank you to my dear friends Rie and Caro for hosting such an amazing event and to all who attended for sharing such a beautiful space with me – we are not strangers on this life adventure.


‘We are tribal people and we come to remember, a new way of living, in beauty, people’





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