Hands up who loves Autumn?!


I know I keep going on about it but really isn’t Autumn just the best season ever chaps?! I’m fortunate enough to be in Dorset at the moment and this evening I went for a wonderful walk just as the sun was beginning to set. The rabbits were skipping and the trees were rustling, the light was out of this world,

I returned with the infamous rural ruddy hue and tucked into a delicious steak and local ale pie at The True Lover’s Knot, how could you go wrong with a name like that?! I was too hungry to pause for a photo, but I assure you it was scrumptious – all locally sourced and served with a Dorset smile.

Evening’s like this are all about falling in love and I’m in love with life, mother nature and all that I am right here, right now.



I am shortly going to list the best places to stay and eat  (in my humble opinion) in the west country, so if you’re feeing a little blue from the impending premise of winter – fear not ole fruits adventures await!




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