Gut spring clean with smoothies and bone broth

I always find it beneficial this time of year to give my gut a bit of a spring clean so last week I did 3 days of mixed veg smoothies using my Nutri Bullet.

During that time I ate only smoothies predominantly made with vegetables and organic bone broth in the evening.

The ultimate cleanse would involve just juices without the fibre but to do that I feel you really need to rest and assign a few days for that purpose only. As I was working and continuing with my usual schedule I added fat (coconut oil, avocado, nut butter) and protein (ground flax and help seeds) to the mix so that my energy levels didn’t dip too much.

What I put in my smoothies:
Rainbow chard
Small piece of fennel
Fresh ginger
Fresh turmeric
Beetroot juice
Apple juice
Nut milk
Coconut oil
Apple cider vinegar
A blob of nut butter
2 tablespoons ground flax and hemp seeds
1/3 avocado

I had 3 of these a day for 3 days

In the evening I also had a mug of home made organic chicken bone broth. This is great for healing the gut and providing it with some lovely nutrients

I found this increased my energy levels and my skin was glowing by the end!


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