Good Grief

On 14th November 2017 my dear mother and best friend died very suddenly whilst walking on the fells of her beloved Lake District. Two years ago my Dad died, also rather suddenly and in December last year I lost my Grandmother.

The loss of my mother alone has been devastating, especially considering how fit and healthy she was. A combination of all three of these losses has left my brother and I feeling like islands in the Atlantic ocean. There is a huge empty space where once there was family.

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Although the most profound loss of my mother has been very recent and oh so very raw, I feel I have been offered a sense of purpose within my grief already. Part of this for me is a critique at how our nation deals with death, grieving, exposure to ceremony (or lack of) and emotional processing (or lack of). Another part of it is to process my grief and to reach out to others in this space so that together we may express, connect, comfort, console and expand.

I believe that within suffering there is a gift to evolve beyond our wildest dreams, that through it we can potentially heal not only ourselves, but also the planet and fellow human beings and if that’s the case chaps then surely it’s worth a go?

Despite my fascination with the 1940’s I stick my fingers up to stiff upper lip! True human strength comes from falling apart, not holding it together. I am a celebration of falling apart and all things messy – there is no place for perfection at my dining table!

So without further ado I welcome you to The Good Grief Cafe. In this space I’ll be sharing my thoughts and feelings about death and loss as well as recipes and info to help us on our healing journey, because it is so very important to look after ourselves during this time.

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (I recommend rose and fennel) and share your story if you would like, because you are safe to do so in this little community …..

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