Feeling the love in London

Have you ever been fully present when walking down a busy street? I mean to such an extent that you really take notice of what is going on around you and the people you are walking passed? I can’t say I ever have, particularly not in central London!

I walked through central London and Hyde park yesterday on a busy Saturday evening. I stopped thinking about where I was going and suddenly started to notice the people who passed me; a couple smiling at one another, a Mum ruffling the head of her little boy, a man looking bored in the bureau de change, another couple arguing, two girlfriends dressed to the nines engrossed in conversation.

Suddenly my heart filled up with total love for these fellow human beings, I felt the embrace of the entire universe around me, resulting in a feeling of utter joy.

I’m not going to lie, as a single person I sometimes feel rather  solo and a bit disconnected, but this experience has brought a while new perspective for me. There is something quite beautiful about simply being the witness to another human being. After all is not that what we all strive for – to be noticed? To be seen? To be heard?

I found myself continuing the story of the folk I’d seen, imaging where they were going, what they were talking about and where they lived, it was so much fun!

It’s so easy to lose faith in the world, especially recent things considered, but I believe we are all share so much more than the ground we walk on. As usual it seems the answers lie not in trying to get to where we’re going but in the moments that unfold as we’re getting there. It’s made me think about how much I must be missing when I don’t do this!

I think loneliness comes when we close off to what’s going on around us and focus more on what’s going on inside, which normally results in a sense of lack and some kind of expectation for the outside world to fix it. I know because I’ve done that numerous times and numerous times I’ve felt disappointed or frustrated as a result. It seems that when my heart is open and without expectation of getting something back, I am somehow channelling in to the source of love itself because it doesn’t require anything of anyone and brings about such joy.

So next time you feel a bit down or disconnected just walk out the door and notice how very much we are all like little ants scattered over a planet all having a human experience. As long as your heart is open and you’re not expecting anything back in return, you won’t feel lonely for long.


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