Do you eat quickly? Try eating with chopsticks!

I’ve come to realise recently than I eat far too quickly when I’m eating on my own and yes I know I’m always harping on about mindful eating but hey I’m work in progress too!

I think when you eat alone your mind is going off in all the different directions of what you need to do next and aside from that I get so excited about food that it tends to disappear quickly! I think rushed eating  comes from childhood when I often found meal times a bit stressful and that’s where I leaned the art of escaping the dining moment.

So last night I decided to eat my meal with chopsticks to slow me down and it worked! I cooked my favourite vintagesque kedgeree accompanied by salad and home made sauerkraut and I have to say eating with chopsticks really did make me slow down and appreciate every mouthful more. I also reminded myself of all the people and efforts that had gone into producing my food and a combination of the two really did help.

I realise not every meal is suitable to eat with chopsticks – I’ll be here all night trying to tackle a steak! But I’m going to eat some of my meals in this way and hopefully over time it will change my habits of a lifetime.

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