Eat organic for £5.04 a day!

Yes tis true, despite popular belief you can eat organic, fine quality food for the cost of £5.04 per day without setting foot in a supermarket….. I know this because I’ve just done it! I wasn’t even looking for the cheapest stuff, I was simply incorporating some top tips from the WW2 days to help me become more resourceful and efficient at managing my food provisions.

I recorded all costs and included the cost of the foods that were given to me over the month and I have tallied it all up at the end and here it is;

Week one – £78.71
Blackmarket ‘treats’ – £4.09
Other £4.10
Week two – £75.41
Blackmarket ‘treats’ – £5.25
Other* £5.54

Week Three – £46.90
Blackmarket ‘treats’ – £5.32
Other* £12.75

Week Four – £81.30
Blackmarket ‘treats’- £4.43
Other* – £21.49

Total staple food spend for the month – £282.32
Blackmarket ‘treats’ £19.09
Other* £43.88

£70.58 per week = £35.29 per person = £5.04 per person per day

* Other refers to non food related stuff so this is the total money that left my pocket over the month – see what a bit of wartime wisdom does?! It really is amazing how getting into a different mindset affects your overall attitude (and bank balance!)

Yes organic food is generally more expensive like for like, but with the right approach and a bit of ‘make do and mend’ you really can eat like a king on the budget of a pauper. We are conditioned into thinking certain places to shop in are cheaper than others but I would like to suggest that it’s not ‘where you shop’ but ‘how you shop’. Here are some top tips from a land girl to help you on your way:

Try to buy seasonal produce, if you don’t know what fruit and veg is in season have a look at the eat seasonably fruit and veg calendar it’s a great resource to print off and take shopping with you. Seasonal veg and fruit are better for you because it is more likely to have been grown locally / nationally therefore it won’t have had as far to come to reach your plate = increased nutritional value. It’s also cheaper and better for the environment! – less food miles = lower cost

Try to plan your weekly meals. Make a list of the things you need and don’t stray from the list!

Make the meals last – don’t feel the need to eat the entire menu in one day – take it to work tomorrow – that’s why tupperware containers were invented 🙂

Try to be mindful about what you buy – ask yourself do you really ‘need’ whatever it is? Can you allocate an amount of money for ‘treats’? Believe me you will appreciate them even more

Make food from scratch instead of buying it ready made – despite what they tell you, this way is cheaper

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful local producers who helped support my little project by throwing some of their produce my way. The Story Meat, The Community farm, The Better Food Co and The Severn Project. We have some amazing producers right here in Bristol on our doorstep – we don’t need to buy stuff like apples from New Zealand – we have amazing ones here!! I worked on an orchard in NZ and packed apples into Asda bags to be sent over here grrrrr! ……I was actually going to put a note in one of them to see if anyone I know might pick it up, but I had a scary boss who would have relished in my departure so I thought I’d best not 😉

Anyway I digress! Hey look what I’ve been eating the last 2 days….a taste of India and Thailand oooh I do like this time travel lark!

Curryme Chinese

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