Don’t throw away your 8 a day!

Yes it’s true we really do need to be consuming more than the government recommended 5 a day of vegetables and how better to get a hit of greens than a smoothie or juice?! Not only is this a great way to get your fix, it’s also ideal for using up leftover veg and fruit.

Vegetables that have started to turn are often the first things to get ditched in favour of more appetising edibles. Although the fresher the vegetable, the higher the nutrient content, much of the food that ends up in our recycling bins is still perfectly edible.

A great way of saving the fate of your vegetables whilst also getting a nutrient fix is to make smoothies and juices out of those odds and ends in the fridge. It really doesn’t require much time or energy to prepare and will undoubtedly give you a buzz of a morning.

Here’s one I made yesterday out of some leftover celery, lettuce, lime and kale I had in the fridge.


You can add fresh ginger, turmeric and hemp or almond milk to give it (and you) a boost. I use my Nutri Bullet a lot – it’s so easy you just chuck a whole heap of veg and or fruit into it and whizz it up for a couple of minutes. Now I don’t want to hear anyone say nutritious food takes too long to prepare – I’ll race you to the table with your coco pops!

You can add nuts, seeds and or coconut oil to keep you satiated for longer – protein and fat helps to slow down the absorption of sugar in carbohydrates and keeps you fuller for longer.

juice 2



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