“Dem bones dem bones …”

Last night I had the second portion of the yummy chicken stew I made on Monday from the roast I had with Andy and Judy on Sunday, it was delicious! ….and the crumble is still going strong too!

no 2 chicken stew

apple crumble

…and believe it or not I managed to squeeze another culinary delight out of the same chicken today! Recipe number 3 is the highly nutritious and homecoming chicken stock. Just when you thought it really must be time for the chicken to hit the recycling bin, that eccentric vintage lady tells us “NO!” It’s not over until the fat lady sings and with my guidance, she’s currently losing weight by the minute.

Right so all you need to do is chuck dem bones into your ever faithful slow cooker with a couple of cloves of garlic, a small onion, a stick of celery and some peppercorns. Add enough boiling water to cover, switch on low and walk away for the day….

When you return you’re house will smell like Granny’s used to and you’ll have a big smile on your face like this…..








Once the stock has cooled down you can either use it straight away to make a soup or stew or sauce, or you can do what I did and put some of it in an ice cube tray to add to use as and when and the rest in a bag, all destined for the freezer.

chicken stock

chicken stock cubes

Now just to labour the point I want to show you the extra chicken I salvaged from the bones. This is after meal 1 – the roast, meals 2 and 3 – the casserole and the third recipe – the stock – all from a £5 something 1kg chicken!!!!

chicken from bones







My Granny would be proud of me 🙂

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