Day 15 modifying the rations – going gluten and dairy free

I’m 2 weeks into my eating experiment and taking stock of the things I have learnt so far. It has been really interesting on many levels. As I mentioned a few days ago, I have really been struggling with the amount of dairy, wheat and potatoes I’ve been consuming and have experienced some negative effects in terms of the way I’ve been feeling.

In my opinion as a Nutritional Therapist, gluten and dairy can cause problems in many people. This experiment is enabling me to tap into the effects these foods have on me personally.

Do you feel lethargic, experience headaches, brain fog, lapses in concentration, achy muscles, mood problems? It may be that the foods you are eating are affecting you. I don’t normally eat wheat – I have a bit of rye and spelt on occasion, I never buy milk and consume potatoes rarely.

I am lucky enough to have a strong connection with my body and how foods impact on my health, so I did anticipate a few problems over the course of the month.What’s interesting is that I recently had a food intolerance test done as a result of attending a practitioner seminar a couple of months ago. I received the results last week and sure enough some of the foods that came up were gluten, dairy and potatoes!

There were no surprises for me in this sense, but it’s humbling to know that all of us encounter obstacles along the way, even us Nutritional Therapists. No matter how much we think we know about our chosen field, there are always new lessons to learn, and within these comes the opportunity for improvement for our own health and the health of others.

Some of you are probably thinking “hmmm how’s Clare going to get around this one, bearing in mind her whole approach is based around the diet during ww2”

Well the answer is this; I am still absolutely in alignment with core approaches and values of the time, but that doesn’t mean that we need to repeat history, it’s more about learning from the past and using the key elements to incorporate into living now. Aside from the negative impact some of these foods have, we generally don’t exercise enough nowadays to warrant such a high intake of carbohydrates. We can instead modernise the approach to suit out lives now, keeping the core elements I believe to be fundamental to good health such as;

  • eating lots of local seasonal organic fruit and vegetables
  • restricting the consumption of meat
  • keeping some foods in moderation and appreciating treats like sweets, cakes, alcohol and coffee in small doses
  • cooking from scratch

On top of this, I am going to spend the remaining 2 weeks of the experiment amending it slightly, to make it more relevant to how we eat now and more achievable for you lovely people out there! The approach will still involve the food on the rations but I will also be making the following changes;

  • excluding dairy altogether
  • excluding wheat
  • taking fats off the rations – yes you heard me correctly! Fat has received a bad name for itself and we need it ….at least the right type of fats such as those high in omega 3. We need fats for brain function, cell structure and hormone production to name a few, so you can see how ‘low fat diets’ can cause potential problems.
  • I will continue to use some of the recipes from ww2 but also bringing in some of my own and adding some more flavours here and there

Gluten free

I must say I have also realised over the last 2 weeks how much I value nutrition and how much enjoyment it gives me, particularly in terms of variety and flavour. I encourage everyone to get into cooking and the enjoy the pleasure it brings 🙂

……I currently have a gluten free loaf in the oven and some chicken thighs, with roast root veg – yum yum can’t wait for dinner!

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  1. HI C, i’m so interested to hear your post. I have just listened to the entire 29 lectures of the Gluten Summit and signed up for the online access. I was tested ages ago and found to be sensitive to Wheat, Rye and Dairy but I never realised the seriousness of this. I now finally understand as my list of symptoms grows ever longer. So I am going Gluten free too and my family. It is such a change. We all have our different perspectives on diet and food and I am vegan so my food groups are ever diminishing. I am going grain and legume free as well, as the mould found in them is highly toxic. So for now we are eating tonnes of veggies and oats. Roast veggies and slow cooker veggies. Also have just bought a Nutri bullet and can’t believe how amazing it is. I am using it all the time in my cooking and making raw food smoothies with nuts and avocado and big splodge of coconut fat. Anyway enough about me, well done to you for converting your programme and sticking to it. It must be quite a challenge. Good luck with the rest of your journey. tally ho!

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