Gleaning from local Green Fingered Gurus!

Today I went to a plant sale in a village close to where I live. It was such a wonderful event with lots of local green fingered gurus to help me make some plant choices.

As my garden is currently just a piece of grass with a veggie patch on one side I thought it wise to take small steps to allow it to evolve rather than do anything too extreme with it now. I’ve bought some tubs for the time being to give me some instant colour over the summer months without being too labour intensive, so I was after some flowers to plant in them.

When it comes to flowering plants my knowledge is limited. I just happened to ask a lady at the plant sale about a particular plant I was interested in and Meryl completely took me under her wing and took me round all the stall holder to introduce me to the local gardening experts and glean some information from them.

I love supporting these kind of events, there is so much expertise in local people and as usual it’s great to know where you produce comes from. I shall be back next year to enter the Norton flower show!

A special thank you to Meryl for your kindness and sharing your local knowledge.

Tony Perry – a super helpful font of knowledge

Music while you shop!


A very happy customer!

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