Challenges in life and the kitchen! Ration days 7 and 8

Yesterday was a day for leftovers so nothing too earth shattering to report. I had porridge for breakfast, leftover lentil soup for lunch (again) and leftover fish pie for dinner with yummy veggies. All this has made me realise how much I throw out because I don’t feel like eating it, or banished to tupperware and cast to the back of the fridge…. to be thrown out a few days later. Even though I am often ‘financially challenged’, it seems that I still don’t make the most of my food. Britain now wastes around 40% of our food, perhaps we can be even more frugal. If you are really honest with yourself, how much of your food goes to waste due to ‘variety hungry’ tastebuds or dare I say greed rather than need? Hmmm definitely ‘food for thought’.

No challenge should be too big to impact on our health negatively, every one of has has the right to good wholesome nutrition and information about the truth behind the food we eat and where it comes from. The recession spares few of us, but there is help and in my opinion some of it may be closer than we think – if you are still blessed to have one, talk to your Grandma today!

Anyway today I decided to be a bit more on top of things in terms of food prep, so last night I put a bag of chicken bones a la Story Organic Farm in my slow cooker overnight. The bag cost £2.65 CHECK OUT THE MEAT THAT CAME OFF THE BONES!!!!!


Bones on the plate on the left, meat on the plate on the right – amazing!

There is enough for a chicken pie for 2 AND still more leftovers for a chicken soup / sandwiches AND it’s organic – seriously people don’t tell you this kind of stuff! A family of 4 could live off highly nutritious chicken bones for a few days if they knew how. I’m not one for complicating things either – given the choice I choose the easy route, but we are seriously programmed to think that ready meals are the only option for those with time constraints – wrong! Get a slow cooker and watch your life and health transform before your eyes!

This is what you do – turn your slow cooker on / chop an onion in half / peel and chop a few carrots / add some herbs / splash on hot water to cover / put slow cooker on low and go to bed! In the morning take the chicken off the bones / set aside / strain the chicken stock off / cook some garlic, mushrooms and leeks in a pan / add a bit of cornflour and some of the chicken stock / stick in a dish with half of the chicken pieces / make a shortcrust pastry (easy recipes on google) / cover the pie and cook for half an hour or so.


I have also made my second steamed pudding hurrah! This one was with apple pieces – also artistically arranged on the top for that ‘apple turnover effect’.

1/2 lb self raising flour
3oz sugar
3oz cooking fat
1 egg
a gill of milk (I don’t know either so I just guessed!)
stir together, bung in slow cooker and leave for 3.5 hours and this is the result!


…eating these things in moderation really does make you appreciate them …and put a smile on your face, don’t I just look like the cat who got the cream? 🙂

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  1. Great tips Clare thank you. I have just made two huge chicken sarnies for tomorrows lunch from my left over roast. Have also got in the habit of buying a much smaller one and cooking on a beer can, means all the meat gets a good roasting and easier to use all of it off the bones! Ive heard great things about slow cookers and how they save time, might have to put on my xmas list for the in laws !!

    1. Hey Ruth! Lovely to hear from you. I’m intrigued – can you share the tip about the beer can I don’t quite understand what you mean?! Yes get a slow cooker they revolutionise your cooking and a great approach for a superwomen like you with time constraints 🙂

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