Britain’s under-rated superfood. Delicious and free – drink nettle tea!

If someone asked me what plant I would take with me to a dessert island I would without a doubt say nettles. Not only do they taste amazing, they are also reported to benefit many conditions such as the following;

Lower blood pressure
Menstrual problems
Kidney and gallbladder health
Iron deficiencies
Improve metabolism

Apparently in medieval times folk would rub nettles on their skin to treat conditions such as arthritis, now I’m not suggesting you do that but at least you can console yourself when you do get stung that it may be doing you some good.

Rich in vitamin C, A and iron this incredible edible is under-rated and I want to get on my high horse and shout about it because it’s everywhere, it’s delicious and it’s free! There is a reason why it is so abundant due to its ability to suck up nutrients in even the most hostile of soils.

So instead of cussing your resident nettle crop, treat it with some respect, it has the potential of bringing you great health my friends!

This time of year is the best time to pick nettles and you can harvest the whole plant when it’s a few cms high, unlike other plants, you wont ever have problems with population growth!The leaves are vitamin and mineral dense and full of chlorophyll.

You can then just leave them on your windowsill to dry out before jarring for use.

Nettle tea has a beautiful depth of flavour and is great for clearing toxins out of the system.

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