Behaving like a child is good for your health!

I’ve just spent the most wonderful weekend with my dear friend Amy and her wonderful family consisting of hubbie Andrew and daughters Katie (19), Elizabeth (12) and Charlotte (7)

I don’t have children of my own but I do so love spending time around little people because I think as adults we have so much to learn from them.

As children we are fully present in the moment and have no problem expressing ourselves. When we make the transition to adults we are told this is not appropriate and we need to ‘behave’.

Well I’d like to blow a raspberry in the face of being a grown up and invent a new character for myself called ‘Miss Behave’!

I think disconnecting with the inner child is our biggest downfall as adults and we would benefit from creating a space for him or her to play, express and create because I believe that is at the root of our happiness.

Now I’m not saying it’s appropriate to start have big tantrums in supermarkets but I am saying let’s not take ourselves too seriously and let’s remind ourselves of the joy we felt when we were lasses or lads because it might just bring us more joy right here right now as adults.

Here are some things I do that makes my mini me happy:

  • Skip! Yes skipping is a wonderful way of lifting your spirits, as I recently demonstrated with my friend David it is impossible to skip and be grumpy at the same time!
  • Dress up. My inner child loves dressing up whether it’s putting on my favourite 40’s dress and lipstick or going to a fancy dress party she is in total glee at the prospect of getting creative with clothes and costumes
  • Hugging trees – Andrew is reading Mary Poppins at the moment and he said there’s a bit in it on how as babies we talk to nature and that all stops when we get older now wouldn’t Mother Earth be grateful if we listened to her a bit more
  • Hugging humans – yup it’s one of my favourite pastimes! Guaranteed to add some sunshine to your day hugging is a must. I know it’s rather hard for us frightfully British types but hugging really does improve ones mood, we don’t have nearly enough contact with one another these days.
  • Dancing – as one of my recent blog posts highlighted upon dancing is so good for all aspects of health, it makes you feel alive, full of energy and playful …. and if you don’t believe me you should come to our swing dance class in Hinton next Monday at 7:30!

Here’s to more adventures donning Marmot hats, dancing, skipping and being young and carefree!


I couldn’t agree more girls!

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