One week in heaven

Here I am in Cornwall pondering over how beautiful our country is. I think our coastal paths are hard to beat and when the weather’s like this there really is no place like home for holidaying.

I’ve been running some sauerkraut workshops this week but had a chance to walk the footpaths of Falmouth and sample some of the local cuisine in the evenings!

Here are some of my favourite snap shots of the week:

A walk on the coastal path

…thinking of my Dad who has his own slice of heaven up on Sanday in Orkney. Thinking of my Mum and brother who are up there visiting him at the moment. I hope you are happy and peaceful Dad.

…thinking of Susan Mary whose favourite view this was

…thinking about how magical our land is …

… a delicious meal al fresco at Hooked on the Rocks which I thoroughly recommend

…and another one at Gyllie Beach Cafe! 

… a paddle in the sea at 10pm

… and feeling very much full to the brim of life. I love me, I love the universe and there is no separation

That’s one beautiful week and I feel blessed

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