About Eat For Victory

Eat For Victory inspires people to cook, shop and eat more healthily and sustainably using some of the diet and lifestyle approaches on the 1940’s.

It is my belief that if we were to weave some of the diet and lifestyle wisdom of the 1940’s into our lives now, we would not only improve our health, but also the way we manage our lives generally.

That needn’t involve denying ourselves access to all the lovely foods available now and I’m not suggesting we go back to eating powdered egg – perish the thought!

Eating For Victory is about incorporating some of the approaches of the 1940‘s into the modern kitchen; making full use of the wonderful produce available to us, using it wisely, getting creative and having some fun!

About Clare Millar

I’m a land girl from the 1940’s who has been sent into the future to help transform the nation’s health.

Version Two is I’m a qualified Nutritional Therapist who believes we have a great deal to learn from the diet and lifestyle of the 1940’s and I like to spread the word by making the route to health simple, accessible and enjoyable.

Ever since I was wheel high to a Morris Minor I’ve had a love affair with food. I am happiest when writing about, eating, cooking or thinking about food.

I’ve experienced the impact wholesome food, simple living and exercise has had on my own health and love to inspire others to travel that path. Food is indeed medicine and has the capacity to transform lives.

I spent a few years in New Zealand ‘living off the land’ and have a background in marketing, advertising, community development, viticulture, orchards and health food retail. These adventures have provided excellent ‘behind the scenes’ research into what we eat, how food is produced and the influential factors surrounding it. I am an active supporter of sustainable food production.

It’s true to say I’m somewhat obsessed with the 1940’s and use my career as an excuse to model many of my 40’s fashions. I’m an old fashioned girl (cue Eartha Kitt), who has traditional values and sees beauty in the simple things. In truth, it doesn’t take much to make me blissfully happy – a walk in nature, a roast dinner and a 78 on my gramophone does the job every time!