Make Love not Resolution!

Welcome to 2017 (well better late than never!) I hope you had an enjoyable, restful break and are feeling excited about the year ahead.

Have you made a resolution for the new year?
No me neither and I feel very good about that!

I had some thoughts over the holidays about how our culture is always telling us we need to be something other than what we already are; slimmer, more attractive, richer, more loveable, more intelligent, more successful …. the list goes on! The thing is, until we learn to love and accept ourselves where we are now, we probably won’t know what these things look like, even if we are already living them.

I am no exception to this, it occurred to me over the holidays that I am always trying to improve myself in some way; to become a ‘better person’ more compassionate, loving, kind etc. Self development has become a bit of an obsession for me. So with the help of my dear friend Cathy Ballard who is a Life Coach, I have put self improvement on the compost heap and set the intention to fully embrace, accept and love what, where and who I am now …. starting NOW!

It’s about giving myself permission to be 100% Clare Millar and that feels good! Try it! (except both of us can’t be me)

Now I’m not saying go at life with reckless abandon, avoiding responsibility and showing minimal respect for others and the planet – – it’s actually the opposite of that because by deeply loving and accepting who we are, we are in a far better place to contribute to the world around us in a loving way. From a place of love we also become more open to growth and learning AND life might just get more fun in the process …and by jove don’t we all need a bit of that chaps?

So for me 2017 is all about love, fun and adventure – ooh how exciting I feel like I’m in a Cary Grant movie already!

I shall be sharing some of my culinary and life adventures with you along the way so do please keep checking my blog for updates, recipes and vintage ventures in Audrey – there are some exciting things in the pipeline I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

In the meantime I’d like to wish you a joyful healthy and harmonious year ahead with a huge side helping of fun and laughter.

But whatever your intentions might be, create them with the knowledge that you are good enough exactly as you are.

Toodle Pip!

(with a new year toot from Audrey!)

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