10 things to love about Olde England

Wasn’t yesterday utterly marvellous?! I set foot out of my front door at 10:30am and retuned at 6pm – 12 miles of walking and an overflowing cup of gratitude later. It was a wonderful day to be and feel alive.

I love this time of year when Mother Earth is preparing to bed down for the winter – greens are transforming into reds and ocres, wildlife is quietening down and there is the last forage of incredible edibles on the hedgerows. I love that I can walk out of my front door without a wallet and come back feeling richer, (although on this occasion I did sneak a few pounds for a scrummy roast dinner en route!)

Yesterday was the perfect day to take stock of all that we have in abundance here in Olde England. Sometimes it’s all too easy to focus on what we don’t have, but there is so much to be grateful for and most of it is free!

So here are 10 of my favourite things about England this time of year…

The beautiful changing shades of trees…


Hedgerow delights…


…that you can harvest to make a tasty free pudding! (recipe on tomorrow’s blog click here)


Beautiful crisp days and rolling fields…


A roast dinner ….


….in a quintessentially English pub with chocolate box views…


Beautiful village churches….


And ancient sites you can just stumble upon unexpectedly …


English roses that smell utterly heavenly…


and one oh so happy English rose of the human variety! ….


All this on one walk!

So if you feel like your cup is half empty, I encourage you to step outside your front door my friends. These gifts are in abundance and we are surrounded by them, even in cities. I guarantee in a couple of hours you’ll feel refuelled, restored and in love with life and the green green grass of home.

I’m head over heels anyway!

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