A hot date by the seaside!

Yesterday I had a day off, the sun was shining, Audrey was tooting so in I jumped and off to the seaside we went!

It was a beautiful day to be alive and I felt the love! Now you know how much I like to talk about romance and I am a sucker for a good old fashioned love story. My own love story is still being written (I’m very excited about chapter 4; the bit when our eyes meet and suddenly the world around us disappears and I swoon a little and fall into his arms….)

What? Sorry right yes romance well now look – I don’t see why I should have to wait until the man of my dreams comes along before I have some romance in my life so here’s what I do – I take myself out on a date and I shower myself with love and I treat myself to my favourite things which today was lying on the beach …

…reading Gerald Durrell (My Family and Other Animals), catching some rays…

going for a walk along the coast path….

…and sitting by the ocean at my favourite restaurant eating good old fashioned fish and chips…

The day exuded love and Audrey felt it too – she attracted quite a bit of attention…and so she should being the most beautiful girl in the car park (depending on the car park as my favourite kiwi boys would say)

Ooh I can’t resist cue Jerome and crank up the wireless!




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