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About Eat For Victory

Welcome to Eat For Victory, a nutrition consultancy based in Frome, Somerset delivering;

  • educational programmes, workshops and demonstrations
  • nutrition consultations for businesses, individuals and groups

Eat For Victory coaches, educates and inspires people to shop, cook and eat more healthily and sustainably, using some of the diet and lifestyle approaches of the 1940’s


Clare Millar

Nutritional Therapist (Dip Nut, CNM, GAPS, mBANT, CNHC, Ba Hons)

My Vision:

Good wholesome, healthy foods are accessible to everyone regardless of income, time constraints and cookery skills.


It’s 2016 and we are lost when it comes to what to eat

In my opinion optimum health and access to good nutrition is a basic human right. We are bombarded with information and not all of it has our best interests at heart. It’s confusing, complicated and bewildering! Eat for Victory aims to make optimum health achievable and sustainable today, by incorporating some of the elements of the diet and lifestyle from the 1940’s.


Why the 1940’s?

During WW2 certain foods were restricted, imported foods were scarce and the land was transformed to sustain the nation’s health. The lifestyle was simple and the community networks were strong. Of course, not everyone was in tip top health during the war years and times were hard. However it is a well known fact that the population as a whole were generally much more healthy than we are today. Our Grandparents have invaluable knowledge and skills that we can learn from, adapt and incorporate into our modern lives.

World War 2 Ration Foods

World War 2 Ration Foods per adult per week


Eat For Victory aims to inspire, engage and excite you into making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, using some of these nuggets of wisdom. It’s all about making the experience of eating enjoyable, affordable and straightforward. Life is challenging enough as it is, so let’s keep it simple! The approach is based on this tried and tested recipe for optimum health;